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Artist Shyam is a famous tattoo artist in Coimbatore. He opened his own tattoo studio in Coimbatore. Shyam believes that tattooing is a very critical type of commercial art. forces an extra degree of dedication and flexibility on the part of the artist, and the clients participation helps maintain a flow of fresh images and ideas for the artist. On the other hand he says painting lacks all the traditional constraints of tattooing such as size, budget, pain tolerance, erase-ability, and the clients taste. It allows for experimentation, normally not recommended in tattooing, plus a chance to chase after obscure and specific personal notions with little commercial appeal. Due greatly to his clients he has been trusted to work on their skin almost freely and therefore he leaks his paintings over into his tattoos. His work generally focuses on natural geometry and organic structure, and all types of psychedelic & transcendental art. He believes this art form should be rendered as art pieces but doesn’t know whether or not they actually ever will.


Dragon Eye Tattoo Studio is one of the prominent tattoo studios in Coimbatore. Backed by creative tattoo designers, we are providing an array of tattoo art designs to the people across Coimbatore. Services rendered by us include, Modern Tattoos, Permanent Tattoos, Temporary tattoos, Tattoo Studio, Fashion Jewellery, Body Piercing and Eye Tattoo Studio. Tattoo is a form of body modification which is made by inserting the indelible ink into the dermis of the layer for changing the pigment of the skin. Tattoo designers hired by us use superior quality of ink which is widely appreciated by the patrons across the globe. All the material used for tattoo designing process like needle, tattoo ink and colors are of best quality so that end art tattoo designs can match up with the expectations of our clients. Be it any type of tattoo, the clients can rely on our artistic abilities, due to which, we ensure that they avail quality tattoo designing services from us. Our commitment towards maintaining highest quality standards of professional tattoo designs has enabled us to serve the clients in a best possible manner and ensuring complete client satisfaction.





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